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Tubing materialMurdock Industrial offers 40 different kinds of application specific tubing in 7 different base materials: Plastic, Silicone, PVC, Polyurethane, Fluoropolymer, Thermoplastic Elastomer and Plasticizer Free. Each tubing material has it's own set of characteristics and properties, but the application specific formulations of these materials is what makes Saint Gobain tubing unique.

Please select your preferred tubing material from the list below:

Plastic Tubing Plastic Tubing
Recognized as an integral and vital component of countless fluid transport systems, plastic tubing delivers an uncompromising standard of consistent performance in a range of applications. Offered in a broad range of plastic tubing, each engineered to meet specific user needs, including resistance to chemicals, temperature fluctuations and abrasion, as well as high purity and long service life.

Silicone Tubing Silicone Tubing
High performance silicone tubing is ultra smooth, durable and meets the requirements of numerous regulatory standards in a variety of markets. Silicone tubing provides an ultra-smooth inner bore reducing the risk of particle entrapment and a tough braid reinforcement permits use under elevated working pressures.

PVC Tubing PVC Tubing
Clear, flexible PVC tubing meets FDA requirements and can be purchased either with an inner braid for a reinforced PVC tubing to handle greater pressures or without an inner braid when a more flexible PVC tubing is required.

Polyurethane Tubing
Polyurethane Tubing
High performance polyurethane tubing is used for physically demanding applications in food and beverage, chemical and small engine fuel line markets. Polyurethane tubing is offered in ester and ether based and also can be braid reinforced for higher pressure resistance.

Fluoropolymer Tubing
Fluoropolymer Tubing
Fluoropolymer tubing suits a wide range of specifications, from high purity to chemical resistance, mechanical strength and temperature extremes. Fluoropolymer tubing products come in straight, convoluted and corrugated shapes in a variety of fluoropolymer tubing materials, including FEP, PFA and PTFE.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing
Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing
Thermoplastic elastomer tubing can be used in high and low temperature extremes in a variety of markets, most often in peristaltic pumps. Thermoplastic elastomer tubing is offered in industrial grade, food grade and braid reinforced for higher pressure resistance.

Plasticizer Free Tubing
Plasticizer Free Tubing
The chemical resistance of plasticizer free tubing is superior to most other clear, flexible plastic tubing. Disposal of plasticizer free tubing is safer than most other tubings. When properly incinerated, carbon dioxide and water are the only by-products produced.

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