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Saint-Gobain Fluoropolymer Tubing

Tygon Fluoropolymer TubingMurdock Industrial is proud to carry a broad selection of fluoropolymer tubing products from Saint-Gobain that suit a wide range of specifications, from high purity to chemical resistance, mechanical strength and temperature extremes. Saint-Gobain fluoropolymer tubing comes in straight, convoluted and corrugated shapes. Saint-Gobain specializes in a variety of fluoropolymer tubing, including FEP, PFA and PTFE.

Choose your style of Tygon fluoropolymer tubing from the list below:

Chemfluor Fluoropolymer Tubing
Chemfluor® Fluoropolymer Tubing: FEP Tubing, PFA Tubing or PTFE Tubing
Chemfluor® tubing is available in a variety of different fluoropolymers including FEP, PFA and PTFE. Although several chemical and physical properties are common to Chemfluor® Fluoropolymer tubings, the primary differences among them are use temperature, clarity and mechanical strength. Because no plasticizers, stabilizers or fillers are used, Chemfluor® Fluoropolymer tubings are pure, non-contaminating and non-toxic.

For more information view the Chemfluor® Fluoropolymer Tubing PDF.

Versilon™ 367 Tubing Versilon™ 367 Tubing
Versilon™ 367 tubing, a unique fluoropolymer, maintains fluid integrity, and in many ways outperforms tubing made from standard, even high-purity, PFA resin. This results in less cross-contamination, greater productivity yields and easier-to-clean systems. With its smooth surface, low extractables, excellent chemical resistance and outstanding mechanical properties, Versilon™ 367 tubing can be used in virtually any application where maintaining high purity is critical.

For more information view the Versilon™ 367 Tubing PDF.

Versilon™ Con-T Tubing Versilon™ Con-T Tubing
Versilon™ Con-T tubing is helically convoluted PTFE with stainless steel reinforcing coil encircling the outer surfaces between the convolutions. PTFE provides the highest available degree of chemical inertness, together with high-temperature operating capability, low wall friction and non-stick qualities.

For more information view the Versilon™ Con-T Tubing PDF.

Versilon™ ConvoFlex Tubing
Versilon™ ConvoFlex Tubing: FEP Tubing or PFA Tubing
Versilon™ ConvoFlex tubing resists chemicals and elevated temperatures. It is made from either FDA-approved Teflon FEP or PFA, offers read-through transparency and features a spiral design that aids in self-flushing and cleaning. ConvoFlex tubing's outstanding flexibility, high dielectric strength and superior chemical resistance also make it an excellent choice for wire conduit.

For more information view the Versilon™ ConvoFlex Tubing PDF.

Versilon™ CT-Flex Corrugated Tubing
Versilon™ CT-Flex Corrugated Tubing: FEP Tubing or PFA Tubing
Versilon™ CT-Flex Corrugated FEP and PFA tubing shapes and flexes easily and will conform to tortuous paths. It features a bend radius of virtually zero, can be extended or compressed without affecting the inner diameter, and resists chemicals, elevated temperatures, cut-through and strain. Versilon™ CT-Flex tubing has read-through transparency and is FDA-approved under regulation 21 CFR 17.1550.

For more information view the Versilon™ CT-Flex Tubing PDF.

Versilon™ Duality Tubing
Versilon™ Duality Tubing
Versilon™ Duality Tubing provides the benefits of natural FEP, such as chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and high purity, with the abrasion resistance, strength and toughness of LDPE. An odorless and tasteless material, Duality offers a continuous service temperature of -25 deg. F to 175 deg. F.

For more information view the Versilon™ Duality Tubing PDF.

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