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Ultimax Snowmobile Belts

Style 3700 Blue Guard - 0.063 in. thick / 60 in. x 60 in.
39007-2521 Garlock
List Price: $263.94
Wholesale Price: $223.88
You Save: $40.06 (15 %)

Detailed Description

BLUE-GUARD asbestos-free gasketing is monitored and tested from start to finish using the most modern procedures and equipment. This high level of quality assurance continues to produce a full range of compressed asbestos-free gasketing that consistently shows a much better SEALABILITY level and a lower level of CREEP RELAXATION than the competition.

Color Light Grey
Binder EPDM
Service Water, saturated steam, oils, gasoline, mild acids and caustics of moderate concentrations
Maximum: +700 Deg. F (+370 Deg. C); Minimum: -40 Deg. F (-40 Deg. C) Continuous operating temperature: +400 Deg. F (+205 Deg. C)
Pressure, Max 1200 psi (83 bar)
P x T, Max 350,000 (12,000)** (1/32" and 1/16" thick) / 250,000 (7,290)** (1/8" thick)

** P x T max. = psi x Deg.F (bar x Deg.C)

The EPDMbinder increases serviceability in saturated steam and many alkalies. Also adds axceptional resistance to both weather aging and ozone.

Code: 13-8.00000
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