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Thank you for your interest in Murdock Industrial Inc.

When it comes to distribution of brand name quality products, we try to save as much on costs as we can to pass the savings on to you.  On top of our commitment to helping you make the best educated decision on the parts you are looking for, we have come up with an honest and easy solution to making sure that you get the lowest cost when it comes to the pricing our products. Our pricing philosophy is as follows:
  • We save on the cost of products by bringing in freight paid consolidate orders from most of the manufacturers we represent. This eliminates having to build in additional markup for freight on the parts we sell.
  • We do not set up companies outside of the US with credit accounts. Only US companies with impeccable payments histories have a line of credit with us, they must be listed on Dunn and Bradstreet as well as pass a rigorous internal credit check. This eliminates the need to chase payments and control losses which in turn keeps our pricing low. You are not paying for other companies miss-doings.
  • Our sites are designed for Wholesale sales with a return policy based on the return policy set by the manufacturer. We do not build in an extra buffer of profit to help offset customer mistakes in ordering.
  • We do not donate to charities on your behalf. It is our belief that if you wanted to give to a charity of your choice, you would do it on your own.
  • We do not offer free freight on orders (except on orders over $3000) Freight has to be paid somehow... and in a retail environment the markup is high enough to offset the cost to ship parts - Our wholesale sites allow you to either use your shipping account if you have one, or we dynamically price freight with our freight discount which means you don't pay the published rate from UPS, but enjoy our lower cost of freight which saves you additional monies. We had to choose one company to handle our freight and settled on UPS based on cost analysis.
  • We price our products based on volume sales. When the manufacturer allows us to order single products at the same price as volume pricing - we pass that savings on to you. When a manufacturer has tiered pricing, we pass the savings on to you too.
  • We do not lock you in to a contract. You are not forced into contracts that require you to buy only from Murdock Industrial which means that we do not have loss leaders and make up the difference on sales of other products with a high margin. Every item listed is at a rock bottom price which means we save you money. You have the freedom to control your purchasing costs which saves you and your company money.
  • We subscribe to a quote quick and quote once approach... rather than send a quote and wait for you to request a discount. This process saves you time, money and not having us double our efforts. When you get a quote from us, we should be the best priced and easiest to purchase from with the ability to instantly buy from a link on our quotes.
  • We have gone about as green as we can, using PDF format and quotes through your email that not only save us money on printing, but you too. Every little bit contributes to the bottom line.
  • We don't offer loyalty or reward points for purchases. Rather than charge you upfront for programs like this, we simply don't have to mark up our products to try to get you to come back. The money stays in your pocket and we think you'll remember us the next time you need the same or a similar product.
  • We represent some manufacturers that are based in Akron, Ohio which affords us the opportunity to offset freight costs as well as provide quick shipping on parts that are not in stock.
  • We use an industrial inventory management system that is constantly updated with stocking inventory based on annual turns. Products that are heavy movers for us are stocked, products with low yearly sales are not stocked.
  • We only ship orders complete unless you are willing to pay the additional freight. Rather than increase our sell price to cover the cost of multiple shipments on orders, we only ship complete to save on freight cost.
  • Unless we are given promotional items from the manufacturers to 'give away' we do not offer free items with purchase... which in reality, the cost of the 'free' items is never free. 

Your bottom line is our bottom line. Murdock Industrial is a no frills, no buffer pricing, no price gouging, no nonsence wholesale distributor. Our goal is to create customer loyalty through honest markup and commitment to our customer base through value added services. If you have any questions or concerns please email us from the contact us section of this website.

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