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Thermoid offers the industry's most popular means of power transmission: V-belts, timing belts and related accessories. Specially designed to withstand the rigors of tough, frequent usage, Thermoid belts are built to last. Our wide selection of power transmission belts are easy to select, simple to install and provide years of reliable performance.

To get a fast, easy to read PDF reference guide to all of Thermoid's V-belts, click [here]

3H, 4H and 5H V-Belts
Thermoid PowerPlus V-belts, offered in 3H, 4H and 5H cross-sections, with kevlar cord, transmit a minimum of 15% more horsepower than standard V-belts.
3L, 4L and 5L Belts
3L, 4L and 5L Series Thermoid FHP Glasstex ORS V-belts are ideal for light duty fractional horsepower service where long-life and efficient single-belt operation are important, such as home laundry equipment, small pumps, compressors.
3V, 5V and 8V V-Belts
Thermoid Maxipower Banded V-belts are molded with a vulcanized band into a unitized belt set. The individual V's are spaced to permit operation in MPTA standard groove 3V, 5V and 8V sheaves.
3VX and 5VX V-Belts
3VX and 5VX Thermoid Maxipower Cogged V-belts are ideal for situations where weight or sheave size is restricted.
5M, 7M and 11M V-Belts
5M, 7M and 11M Thermoid Novex V-belts are specially designed to run over small sheave diameters at high speed ratios.
A, B, C and D V-Belts
Thermoid Prime Mover is a premium-rated, heavy duty industrial V-belt available in A, B, C and D cross sections.
AA, BB and CC V-Belts
AA, BB and CC Thermoid Double V-belts are essentially Prime Mover V-Belts but either side of the belt can be used as a driving surface.
AX, BX and CX V-Belts
AX, BX and CX Thermoid Prime Mover Cogged V-belts have a precision cogged profile base which is designed for uniform stress distribution and superior heat dissipation.
H, J and L Section V-Belts
Thermoid has combined the best properties of flat belts and V-belt drives to produce the remarkable Multi-Ribbed V-belt.
Variable Speed V-Belts
For use on variable speed control drives, V and VS series Thermoid Variable Speed V-belts operate at low noise levels and are vibration free.
XPA, XPB, XPB, SPB, SPC, SPZ V-Belts - Thermoid Metriflex V-Belts
Metriflex belts are more than just "will-fits', they're made to strict European tolerances and specifications to assure a highly accurate fit for metric drives. The line includes XPA, XPB, XPB, SPB, SPC, SPZ.




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