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Flexco Alligator Ready Set Staple - RS187SJ12NCS - 54616
RS187SJ12/300NCS Flexco #54616
  • Fastener Size: RS187
  • Made From: Stainless Steel (Type 316)
  • For 12" Wide Belts
  • Nylon Covered Stainless Steel Cable Hinge Pins
List Price: $178.65
Wholesale Price: $175.51
You Save: $3.14 (2 %)

Detailed Description

Flexco Alligator Ready Set Staple System

Quantity: 4 Sets per box

Please use this chart to determine your Lace needs:

Fastener Size Belt Thickness Range Minimum Pulley Diameter
RS62 1/16" - 1/8" 2"
RS125 1/8" - 3/16" 3"
RS187 3/16 - 1/4" 4"

Fastener Width Sizes Available:

Belt Width Steel with Nylon Covered Steel Pin
SS with Stainless Spring Wire Pin
SS with Nylon covered Stainless Cable Pin
12" RS125J12/300NC RS125SJ12/300SS RS125SJ12/300NCS
18" RS125J18/450NC RS125SJ18/450SS RS125SJ18/450NCS
24" RS125J24/600NC RS125SJ24/600SS RS125SJ24/600NCS
30" RS125J30/750NC RS125SJ30/750SS RS125SJ30/750NCS
36" RS125J36/900NC RS125SJ36/900SS RS125SJ36/900NCS
42" RS125J42NC RS125SJ42SS RS125SJ42NCS
48" RS125J48NC RS125SJ48SS RS125SJ48NCS
60" RS125J60NC RS125SJ60SS RS125SJ60NCS

Material Types:
J = Steel
SJ = Stainless Steel
SS = Stainless Spring Wire Pin
NCS = Nylon Covered Stainless Wire Pin carries the Flexco brand of quality mechanical lace.

Need Pulleys? Fax your requests to us at 330-535-1125.

Code: 2-12.80000
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